Software 4 Teachers


  • Software4teachers has produced a suite of   interactive Design and Technology software to help teachers assist their students to be creative designers and enthusiastic makers.
  • Our Design and Technology software is designed to work on your school’s server or copied and used by your students at home.
  • All programs run on PC and MAC.
  • Our titles have been developed over the last 10 years.
  • We have been in a unique situation, enabling us to produce our titles while using them with our students. This has enabled us to see where changes have needed to be made to increase understanding.
  • We have used examples of exemplar students’ work to set high expectations.
  • Our titles use images, text, sound, web links, short movies and diagrams to help explain all aspects.
  • Our titles run smoothly on all school servers.
  • We use Dropbox to get the titles to you. You can put them on your server or burn to a DVD. This is in line with our environmental ethos.

We currently have 4 titles:

  • Designing and making Automata
  • Designing your project
  • Electronics and casings
  • Designing and making a Desk Tidy
  • Research shows that seeing, hearing and motion promote learning and boost retention. This is why Software 4 Teachers programs combine voice and colourful, moving images of real projects to positively engage your students attention and interest.

Time spent planning projects and lessons is significantly reduced as our titles have done the hard work for you.

What people have to say:


“ These are a great series of software resources that will encourage students to produce quality outcomes”