About Software 4 Teachers

Students learning using software for teachersSoftware 4 Teachers is a small group of teachers and technicians committed to create resources that will assist teachers to developer their students into creative and skilful young people. We have spent the last 12 years developing our 4 titles. The titles have been continually updated while being used by teachers and students in the workshop.

Many of the practical elements have been developed by Fred Poynter our school technician who spent most of his working life at British Telecoms.

The founder Steve Laddiman has been a Design Technology teacher for 30 years. Steve has taught in Canada and Australia on a teachers exchange scheme. He has also taught with Voluntary Services Overseas in Papua New Guinea and Kenya, where to have a certified skill, such as carpentry, was the only way of securing a living in the regime at the time . We are currently selling our software in Asia and Europe and plans are in place to sell in Australia and New Zealand.